From “E” in Upper Montclair, NJ
“Miriam has been a tremendous, positive factor in helping me cope during those very difficult times. Miriam has always conducted herself in the most professional way and at the same time, being compassionate, and understanding of my situation. She listened to me, offered advice and guided me to a better understanding of the emotions I was feeling. Even after my wife passed, she was there to help get me through the next chapter of my life. There was never a time that I saw Miriam where I didn’t feel better and more positive about my life after her visit. She is a very special person.”


From “N” in West Orange, NJ
“A heartfelt thank you, Miriam, for your kindness, your support, your wisdom and your guidance through the most difficult time in my life.  My husband of 39 years suffered from Lewy Body Dementia in the last eight years and passed away in May 2015.  This has been a wild ride.  Miriam has seen me through it, at my home!, over the last several years.  Miriam is a talented person who truly does not judge.  Rather, she’d ask me thoughtful questions to help me to find my way…personally and even professionally, as I continue to work.  Sometimes when nothing had changed or maybe I was spent for the day, Miriam would allow the quiet…some of those moments were golden when the rawest of thoughts might come  Very healing.

One of the life lessons I have learned from Miriam is to be kind to myself.  This bears repeating, she taught me how to be kind and forgiving of myself.  This alone has gotten me through this year of grief.  I trust that I will live my life forgiving myself every day for something I perceive as imperfect.  I am okay for today.  Miriam has helped me to find this place and I am grateful to her.”


From “D” in Montclair, NJ
“I have been in and out of counseling since the late 1970s and I have found Ms. Taunean’s services to be of impeccable quality. She has shown above average listening skills, which in my opinion has enabled her to relate well to my problems and concerns. She demonstrates a genuine ability for warmth and compassion, the level of which I have not found in other psychotherapists over the years. I feel that she is able to convey an atmosphere of trust so that I can speak freely and openly about my life and feelings without being intimidated or awkward. She leaves me with a feeling of confidence and hope for the future, and an overall sense of comfort. I feel she has been an asset to my life.”